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Self-loading concrete mixers

Concrete machinery

    self-loading concrete mixers are designed to deliver maximum performance for a wide variety of applications, from urbanisation works to the construction of tunnels and mines. Depending on the scope of use, all machines can be equipped and customised to easily adapt to every possible use and meet any production requirement.

    Carmix offers the ideal solution for producing and delivering high quality concrete with low costs on any site. These 4x4 mobile batch plants have the ability to mix and deliver concrete on any site, even in extreme conditions. Carmix is perfect for contractors, developers or builder with projects that require concrete, grout or shotcrete. If you want to avoid delays and high costs associated with ready-mix concrete, you need to consider Carmix.

    Self loading concrete mixer truck is a “everywhere mobile batching plant”. Nowadays, self loading concrete mixer truck has more and more wide use. Compared to traditional concrete mixer truck, it is flexible and convenient. Besides, self loading concrete mixer for sale can self load, mix and discharge, which greatly improve the productivity, reduce the production time and cost. What’s more, this self loading mobile concrete mixer is suitable for engineering constructions of a variety of special conditions, crowded city and remote areas.

    The working principle of self-loading concrete mixers for sale

    1. All the operations can be operated by driver in the drivers’ cab. Drivers can press different buttons to do different steps. And the screen will show the weight of every kind of raw materials.

    2. The operator drives the self loading transit mixer concrete mixer machine to the stacking place of materials and puts all the raw materials including sand, stone, needed by production into the mixing drum with the bucket, and the mixing drum begins to mixing all the materials, after finished concrete mixing, the operator will send the concrete mixture to the designated construction site, during the transportation, the mixing drum will keep mixing the concrete in case the concrete mixture will freeze.

    Characteristics of self mixing cement truck for sale

    1. Self loading concrete mixer truck for sale is equal to four. Self loading mobile concrete mixers can replace electric generator, materials mover, wheel loader and concrete mixer. It can stir while move, about 1 to 2 minutes, concrete mixture will be finished evenly. Meanwhile, it can make the mixing cylinder rotate about 90 degrees left and right, and discharge from different angles, which displaces the traditional mixing method and saves the equipment cost.

    2. Automatic mixing system. When aggregate and cement enter into the mixing cylinder, and mix with water flow in the water tank, special “T” type twin screw ensure the quality of concrete(if necessary, can equip with an electronic weighing system. ) Mixing speed is fast, one hopper per minute, in addition, mix when move on the road, which will save much time, when finish the feeding, operator can directly drive to the discharge area, in the process of driving, the concrete will be produced.

    3. Automatic feeding system. Our self loading concrete mixer trucks use unique hinged hydraulic shovel, which can load the dosing accurately; blades inside the bucket can automatically cut off the cement bag and in case of the waste of raw materials; all dosing can enter into the mixing cylinder from the bucket smoothly and quickly. This way replaces traditional feeding method, on the one hand, saves the cost of buying wheel loader, on the other hand, reduce the environmental pollution and can achieve maximum use of materials area. Feeding time is faster and feeding accuracy is more exact.

    4. Automatic discharge system. Because our self loader mobile mixers have high mobility, when it discharges, it also can move freely, easy discharge method, fast discharge speed, and only an operating rod can achieve materials discharging.

    5. Easy movement. This truck machine is fit for delivery in any construction sites. Four wheel-drive hydraulic transmission device and good configuration make it crawl on a 30%  slope under the condition of full load. Self loading cement mixer is equipped with center of gravity transfer system, the center of gravity can be moved back and forth, which can effectively increase the overall security. 6. Comfortable operating environment. This machine is equipped with fully equipped cab, an operating lever designed according to ergonomic principles, for its simple operation design, operator can immediately learn all the major operations. Air conditio

    ning system make this machine can work in a high temperature environment. What’s more, self loading transit mixer is equipped with anti-roll, anti-falling protection system in order that under the poor construction environment, will provide drivers with sufficient protection.

    Wherever concrete is produced and moved, SCHWING Stetter products are employed. Stetter Self Loading mixer is the result of experience gained over decades accompanied by permanent advancement and optimisation. Stetter Self Loading mixer is off highway rough terrain machine which can be operated by one person. The machine comes with electronic weigh batching and has a typical concrete output of 12 to 14 m3 / hr.

    Special Feature Engine

    cylinder, water cooled, turbo-charged after cooler diesel engine - 80.9kw @ 2500 rpm.


    Hydraulic Cylinders activate 600L capacity loading Shovel. Single joystick control for easy loading and quick unloading shovel Gate operations.


    4 Wheel Drive, 4 Speed automotive type Hydrostatic transmission. Electro- hydraulic control for “slow”& “ fast ” speeds and “Inching operation”.


    Hydrostatic Drum Drive with high rotation for homogenous mix, drum lift and slew for discharge concrete all around the machine on any terrain.

    E-Weigh Batching

    The different aggregate, sand, cement can be weighed accurately by the electronic weigh batching system

    Ergonomic Controls

    Ease of  operation  by conveniently  located  Electronic/ Hydraulic Switches, each for Travel, Gear Shift and Drum rotation. Hand lever provided for Drum Lift and Drum Slewing, Joy Stick provided for Shovel Arm Lift, Shovel tilt and Shovel Gate operation.


    High level of gradeability to make tough environment look easy