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    JS500 concrete mixer is a mixer which has the characteristics of good production performance and high production efficiency. Not only JS500 concrete mixer can work independently, but also it can be adopted as the mixer with the concrete batching machine and combine into simple concrete mixing plant. So, JS500 concrete mixer is widely recognized and accepted by customers. In order to prolong the service life of JS500 concrete mixer, users should operate the JS500 concrete mixer correctly.

    JS500 mixer is a compulsory concrete mixer. It adopts multi-shaft end seal protection device and has good sealing performance. The multi-channel water spraying system has more comprehensive coverage of spraying; the bolt fastening makes the replacement and position adjustment of the liner more convenient and faster; When the JS500 forced mixer works, the gear motor rotates the agitator shaft in one direction through the coupling. The two sets of shovel blades on the agitator shaft stir the material. Due to the role of the spiral angle, the material in the cylinder is caused by the blade work. One side pushes to the other side, and the other side pushes back to the original circular motion, so that the material is fully mixing to obtain a better effect.

    Main features:

    1. JS500 mixer uses a new mixing technology, which allows the mixer to adapt to the needs of unused concrete mixing, and is compact in structure and beautiful in appearance.

    2. JS500 mixer is easy to operate and can mix dry hard concrete, also mortar and light aggregates.

    3. can be used as a stand-alone operation, but also can be used as a matching host of the mixing station.

    4. Specially open the door to discharge material, adopt this design to avoid the tilting of the mixing tank, which is safe and labor-saving, and simplifies the structure, and the layout is more reasonable

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    Though JS500 concrete mixer can be used to mix various concrete Mobile concrete mixer, JS500 concrete mixer can not be used to mix some kinds of concrete. Therefore, before purchasing the JS500 concrete, users should know clearly about the concrete they need and the specific parameter of JS500 concrete mixer. Then users should check the water pump to ensure the sufficient water in the water pump every time when using the concrete mixer. It is necessary to do daily cleaning to keep the machine clean. Regular check and maintenance can make users find faults and deal with them in time. Users should not keep the concrete mixer working all day long and proper rest can prolong the service life of concrete mixer.

    JS500 concrete mixer is a machine with higher automation, so it is not very difficult to operate it. Only by un-overloading running, daily cleaning twin shaft concrete mixer, regular check and regular maintenance, can JS500 concrete mixer provide better service for you.

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